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Outfits for the Holiday Party 🎉

Rosetta Getty Red Cocoon Sweater, $1,895 This sexy off the shoulders sweater can be paired with a shirt, slacks or leggings depending on the dress code. The cashmere material makes this worth every penny. Givenchy Shoulder Pads Mini Dress, $1,990 ‘Forever D&G’ Sweater, $1,395 This’ll go well beyond the holidays. Saint Laurent Monogram Shoulder Bag, $1,950 Calfskin

‘Tis The Season 🎄

This season’s sweaters, sweatshirts + stocking stuffers! Gucci Red Crystal Logo Sweatshirt, $1,595 Gucci GG logo dress, $1,800 Wool+alpaca blend sweater dress. Gucci Blue Rabbit Knit Sweater, $1,495 Suddenly those wool sweaters our parents made us wear aren’t so itchy anymore. ♥️ Givenchy Faux Fur Pouch, $890 This pouch is white on the front and black in the back.