Even JLO started off as. Tomboy.

“As a kid, I loved sports, playing in the dirt, climbing trees and swinging my swing too high. Then everybody started putting on dress. I thought I wasn’t feminine enough and that my nails were too short and stubby. I was too tough for a girl, or so I thought…

Jennifer Lopez, 2018

“I was definitely more tomboy than girlie, but I had a girlie side too. I would wear add.Martens with my little plaid skirts and tights to school. ”

Bella Hadid, 2018

” I still wear big hoops and a lot of jewelry, whether it’s with a couture gown or with Timberlands. Also, how I do my hair. I’m still a ponytail, bun on top of your head girl very Puerto Rican Bronx. ”

Jennifer Lopez