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Trey Smith

Meet 25-year old Willard Carroll Smith III better known as Trey Smith is Will Smith’s handsome eldest son. His father affectionately calls him by his nickname “TBall”. Trey is an actor just like his father and stepmother Jada Pinkett Smith. He has appeared on ‘All of Us’. He’s currently on vacation in Europe with his family where he’s posting photos to his Instagram page. Fun Facts: Will opened a company in Beverly Hills when Trey was just two years old. It is named after him Treyball Development Inc., hence his nickname ‘TBall’. Aside from being an actor Trey also composes music. He’s a DJ known as AcE. He met Nelson Mandela.

Happy 38th Birthday Gisele Bündchen 🎈

Mrs. Tom Brady, the famously known Brazilian model celebrates her thirty-eighth birthday today with her husband, Tom Brady. She also announced that she’s an author. Her first book, Lessons has been released which she shared with her 14 million Instagram followers. She will not be profiting from this book the proceeds will be given to The Clean Water Project. The book won’t be available until October 2nd. Fun facts: Did you know Gisele had a fraternal twin sister? They were born 5 minutes apart. Her little sisters name is Patricia Bündchen. She is Gisele’s manager. There aren’t just they two of them. Actually there are four others making The Bündchen sisters a party of 6. Raquel, Gabriela, Graziela, Rafaela, Gisele and Patricia. Gisele started was 14 when she made it to NYFW and broke into the fashion industry. Happy Birthday Gisele and Patricia! Gisele, we wish you much success as an author! For additional details visit

Jill Scott as Nayyirah Scott in “Flint”

“102,000 poisoned. In the richest country in the world.” Michael Moore Since April 2014 Flint, Michigan has had a water crisis. The water supply is poisoned since they were unhooked from their fresh water source Lake Huron. Now the water comes from the Flint River which is toxic. This means drinking water, cooking water, shower water and even the water to brush your teeth. The worst part about the water crisis is the lead in the water, which causes permanent brain damage. Also, the rising Legionnaires Disease cases of the residents. Right now, 87 people have it and 10 have died. Nayyirah was one of the people who discovered that the Flint water was toxic after family member we got sick. We’ve obviously Lawton this movie which come out October of 2017. It is still relevant and Jill Scott just got nominated for an Emmy award because of Flint. This movie was executive produced by Academy Award winner Queen Latifah. #flintmovie For more information visit Lifetime. Another person who has shed light on this crisis …

“KEKE, do you love me?” 🎵

As Drake’s “In My Feelings” from his new album Scorpion reaches #1 he reaches out to the man who helped him get it to go viral Shiggy (Shaquille Mitchell) after starting the #InMyFeelings challenge. The caption reads, “Met the legend on the night we went number one. ✅🙏🏽🙌🏽” This song is now No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100. A while ago, Shiggy jokingly stated “Shout out to the ni***a that owes me a check!”

Ameriie Welcomes Her First Child

Singer Ameriie Mi Marie Rogers had her first child at thirty eight years old. River Rowe Charles L. Nicholson was born May 15, 2018. She was asked in a recent questionnaire “How are you liking motherhood?” and responded in her Instastory. Ameriie was introduced to us in 2005 as a singer. Now, in 2018, she said to be worth $6 million. If you wanted to know if she’s finished with music the answer is no! Ameriie has a New York Times- Bestseller Anthology Because You Love to Have me: 13 Tales of Villainy which was released July 11, 2017. If you have a Kindle it’s only $6.99. Join her 190K followers in following her journey on Instagram.


Lebron James is no longer in the NBA free agency. James has agreed to $154 million long term four year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. This is the second time he has left the Cleveland Cavaliers since 2003. Ohio won’t be left in the dust. James is opening a public school in Akron, OH on July 30. LA plans He owns two homes in Southern California and a film production company. James now has to try to uphold the lagacies of those before him such as Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar amongst others.

New TALENT: Herieth Paul

Standing 5 foot 10 inches tall Herieth Paul known as “Maybelline Girl” is our new talent of the moment. The 20-year old Tanzanian model is not a fresh face in the fashion industry. She’s been modeling since 2010 for designers such as Zac Posen, Tom Ford, Rick Owens, DVF, Oscar de la Renta, Lacoste, MAC, Balmain and many more. Since she shaved off all her hair things are really taking off for her these days. Most recently shes been in September’s Harper’s Bazaar wearing a Cartier necklace as a headpiece. She tells Huffington Post: We must look outside ourselves and recognize that the world is made up of people of all different colors. Fashion is a reflection of the times we live in. Today fashion is a global business, runway shows are live-streamed all over the globe as they happen. Follow Herieth on Instagram

Mariah Carey’s Battle With Bipolar Disorder + Common Signs

Everyone knows Mariah Carey for being a diva. Now we are finding out it was something much deeper than that. We applaud her for being a pillar of strength for so many years. Since sharing the disorder with us it is time that we support her healing. The Common Signs of bipolar disorder are: Uncharacteristic periods of anger and aggression • Grandiosity and overconfidence • Easy tearfulness, frequent sadness • Needing little sleep to feel rested • Uncharacteristic impulsive behavior • Moodiness • Confusion and inattention