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Ashlee + Evan on E!

Two mega famous music families have come together by marriage . The Ross Family + The Simpson family. 29-year old Evan Ross (son of Diana Ross) and 33-year old Ashlee Simpson (sister of Jessica Simpson). The Ross’ have loads in common some of those things being music and coming from big families.

According to

Not only will we get to see the couples’ creative process as they write and record their first duet album of soulful, authentic and reflective music, the 6-episode series will also take a look at this tight knit group of life-long friends and share some of their sweet family moments as they raise their children in LA.

With famous families, busy schedule and work that take them all the way from Palm Springs to Connecticut, these two have a lot on their plates, but with each other’s unwavering support and constant love, there’s nothing they can’t handle!

Coming this fall, September 9th at 10pm to be exact.

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