Day: August 6, 2018

Gucci X MLB

If you haven’t heard Gucci has joined forces with the Major League Baseball for a complete fashion line. The 42-year old creative director, Alessandro Michele happens to love baseball so this comes as no surprise it was been incorporated into the FW18 collection. He has completely lifted this falling brand with some innovative changes. Be dramatic with these baseball statement pieces. Houndstooth coat with NY patches, Gucci, $5,500, available at Jacket with NY Yankees patch, Gucci, $2,200, available at Backpack with NY Yankee patches, Gucci, $2,390, available at Silk wool jacket, Gucci, $2,980, available at Leather slippers, Gucci, $950, available at Wool jacket with NY Yankees patch, Gucci, $3,700, available at Denim with LA Angels path, Gucci, $1,150; What do you think of the Gucci MLB line?

Jay Z X Dapper Dan Create Custom Gucci

OTR II tour with Jay and Bey is making its across the United States. Not without stopping in Harlem for some Dapper Dan Gucci exclusives. Jay Z wouldn’t be Jay Z if he didn’t have custom Gucci. (See what I did there? No? Okay. ) He wore this Gucci jacket to his MetLife performance in New Jersey this weekend. Right now, The Carters’ are somewhere between Massachusetts and Minnesota. If you want to catch them while they’re On The Run, visit for Ticketmaster updated details.

Michele Weaver of OWN’s Love Is says, God’s Timing is Perfect!

Michele Berniece Weaver attended Pepperdine University, a private university with tuition that is $50K on a theatre arts scholarship. After graduating, she worked on short films, theater and television. Around last November, Denver native Michele Weaver was working as a server. Who had previous guest roles auditioned as an actress and was often disappointed but her hopeful. Nine months later she’s a household name, Nuri. A real-life love story and the perfect role for her. The power of prayer. Michele Weaver is now the star of the romantic drama, Love Is. She used to be a background actor at Central Casting but God saw fit for her to be in the front. Her patience and faith got her to the next level. The best characteristic of Michele is that’s she’s humble and grateful. Always thankful for the moment. Her bought on Oprah, I got to stand next to this amazing woman with an incredible heart who on a daily basis gives people of every background opportunities to SHINE. And that is what… LOVE IS! She …

Zendaya in HBO’s Euphoria This September

Drake is expanding his job titles as more than an actor and rapper as he will be executive producing a new HBO drama, Euphoria. Euphoria means a state of intense excitement and happiness. This high school drama series which will star Zendaya is based on a 2012 Israeli series about a 17-year old drug addicted girl who struggled with identity, trauma love and friendship. Drake getting into film isn’t surprising considering he once was an actor. Drake’s manager, Adel Nur will also be an execute producer. Zendyaa will be accommodated by many other young actors. Euphoria will be a 10-episode series. There is no exact premiere date but it will allegedly be very soon.

Kanye Congratulates Apple on Becoming The World’s First Trillion-Dollar Company

Apple may only have 6M followers on Instagram but they’re actual value is significantly higher. Apple Inc. known to the stock market as (AAPL) officially reached a 13-digit value. According to, Apple Inc. became the first U.S.- based company with a market value of $1 trillion, four decades after it was co-founded by Steve Jobs in a Silicon Valley garage. These days Kanye West has only been known for his outlandish tweets. But, he cane out of his genius haze to acknowledge Steve Jobs and his entire Apple team (Tim Cook, Eddie W and Johnny Ives). Steve Jobs you are one of my biggest inspirations and your story spirit and drive helps to push me very day… you guys are so important and what you do is so special and inspiring to our planet. Thank you for being so great.

Beyoncé’s Strikingly Gorgeous September VOGUE cover

36-year old Beyoncé covers September VOGUE during her birthday month in her natural glow with minimal makeup. She shared the photos with her 116M Instagram followers today. Allegedly Beyoncé’s had full creative control of her shoot. She allowed NYU graduate Tyler Mitchell to photograph her. He became the first African American photographer to shoot a Vogue cover and he’s only 23 years old. Yes, first African American but he isn’t new to working with celebs he’s worked with Marc Jacobs before. Her article was very interesting she spoke about her progression as a woman I’m in a place of gratitude right now. I am accepting who I am. I will continue to explore every inch of my soul and every part of my artistry. I want to learn more, teach more and live in full. how motherhood has changed her After the twins, I approached things very differently…I think it’s important for women and men to see and appreciate the beauty in their natural bodies. That’s why I stripped away the wigs and hair extensions …