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Meet HBO’s Insecure Issa Rae Little Big Brother, Enimal

Issa Rae may be the bigger star who went from YouTube to HBO however, her little brother, Lamine Diop who’s 6’6″ appears to be the big brother. Lamine Instagram handle is enimalswins. enimaL is simply his names spelled backwards. He has almost 12K followers (sure to me many more after Insecure airs in August). enimaL is tall, dark and handsome 😍. Not to mention a full beard 🧔🏾. Falling in love yet? He started on a web series called, “The ‘F’ word” and ‘The Legend of Human Black Guy’ (on his sisters YouTube). Later, he performed one of his songs on Insecure on Season 1. He will also appear this season. According to co-Star Sarunas has revealed that he’ll be on some episodes this season, premiering August 12th.

He’s not only an actor but a musician as well.

  1. enimaL kingdom mixtape
  1. Amalgamation of enimaL in 2013.

Interesting facts:

  • He produced a song that was on “Meet The Blacks”
  • Lamine plays the piano.
  • He’s lived in Senegal, Potomac,Maryland and the suburbs of LA.
  • He has three siblings including Issa.
  • Lamine has worked in the studio with Warren G.
  • He and Issa were even beautiful people as children.

His album is on which you can also visit for more information.

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