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8 Amazing Reasons To Get Rid Of Your Foundation

For my readers who don’t use a lot of makeup or have time for the makeup routine in the morning I’ve found a solution. Let me start by giving you some amazing selling points to give this a try.

  1. Foundation is often difficult to match perfect to you skin color. This comes in 15 shades to ensure a match you’ll love.
  2.  Often times foundation looks thick and caked on which emphasizes wrinkles.
  3. The tinted moisturizer looks more natural. The tint definitely can replace foundation coverage.
  4. Moisturizer is more lightweight especially during Summer months wear sweating is likely. It won’t feel heavy or leave your face greasy.
  5. It comes in travel size!
  6. Sun protection, coverage and it makes your skin tone look even.
  7. It lets you naturally beautiful skin tone shine though while moisturizing at the same time.
  8. You can use a beauty blender that you already have to apply it.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, $44 (travel size shown)

Allow me to introduce Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It is my personal favorite moisturizer tinted moisturizer (tan color) which also comes in an oil-free version. This product even has added SPF 20 protection component. You’ll get the perfect coverage with a little protection from the sun. Win-win! Another great detail is that it’s under $50. If $44 you doesn’t fit your budget Sephora has a travel size that’s only $24. (This would be best if you’re new to tinted moisturizers and would like to see how it works for you). Use this tinted moisturizer and you won’t need foundation any longer. If you find yourself needing a little more coverage it is buildable you can put foundation powder (also helps it last longer and can give it a matte finish) on top or use spot concealer. It is unlikely that you will need to.

  • Special notes: If you tan in the Summer that shade may not work and be too dark during Winter months. You may need to purchase two or a shade in the middle. You can also blend two shades over the seasons. Completely up to you.
  • If you must use a primer make sure that it is water based since this moisturizer is water based.

Try out this product and leave your comments below! Even if you didn’t like it you can say that too!


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