Month: March 2018

The Return of THICK Eyebrows!

You always here that FASHION REPEATS ITSELF. This simply means things once in style will soon be back in style after while. This holds true for beauty trends as well. In the 90s, thick eyebrows were in! You just brushed back your natural brow and went. Then, for several years women were thinning out their brow plucking their eyebrows for dear life! Women began to pluck, wax and even shave their entire eyebrow off. Now, in 2018, the thick eyebrow has returned it seems the thicker and bushier the better! Your natural brow is the best to wear. Some use eyebrow pencils to shade in for more fullness. To grow out your eyebrows to their fullest potential try these steps: Let your eyebrows grow out for 6 weeks – 12 months without cutting. This will give you an idea of your natural arch. If you’re an impatient person you can eat foods like avocados, walnuts, carrots, salmon, almonds, strawberries,kale, spinach and sweet potatoes in the meantime for faster hair growth. Use a brow pencil to …

For The Love of Belt Bags

As we know, fashion always repeats itself. So the following is no exception. You may recognize this photo and the Gucci. The Gucci belt beg Carrie wore in Sex and the City has made a comeback. These days everyone including Beyoncé herself is sporting a belt bag. Belt bags are being worn more ways than one. Many celebrities wear them as crossbody bags as well. They’re ideal for the times you don’t want to carry a purse over your shoulder. Gucci GG leather belt bag, $1,100 Gucci GG Canvas Belt Bag, $750 Available in 34 and 38 inch waists. Gucci Suede Phone Belt Bag, $790 Balenciaga Belt Bag with Charms, $1,890 Even Ms. Bradshaw herself has resurfaced the belt bag. Let us know which belt bag is your favorite or if you think the trend has come and gone. Xx, Ultravioletluxe