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Kanye West Seems To Have Lost His Fans For Good This Time

In Kanye West’s debut song he speaks of his car accident in 2002, he referenced the awful image of Tom Cruise in the movie compared to his own fractured jaw.

My dawgs couldn’t tell if I
I look like Tom Cruise on Vanilla Sky
it was televised

Showing how relentless he was to rap after all he’d been through. Even with his jaw wired shut for six weeks he’d proceed to rap.

Now fans are demanding he wire his jaw shut again. Ashamed of the choice he’s made to meet with a Donald Trump in the White House again and sing his praises there.

Rapper @Pusha_T Marries To Longtime Girlfriend Ginny

Terrence Thornton and Virginia Joy Williams wed in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The small intimate wedding had celebrities like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Pharrell. Trey Songz, The Dream and Karen Civil were in attendance. Congratulations to these two on their nuptials.

King & Queen Push

Baby girl you different, when you’re not around it feels like something’s missing…and I know you keep it real. Never tell no lies. I know you heard what they say true love is hard to find.

-Pusha T

It looks like Pusha T found the love he was rapping about. Pusha T, 40 proposed to his longtime girlfriend Ginny, 29 yesterday. Just a little background on Virginia Williams…she is the daughter of a doctor. She’s from Virginia just like T. They are 11 years in. They’ve been dating since 2006.

She is a fashion addict and T shares this love for fashion. Ginny has shares posts her newest Chanel, YSL, Celine and vehicle purchases with her 14K Instagram following. Other things they have in common are their love for crab, Norfolk, Virginia (yes, she’s Virginia from Virginia, arm candy, cars, sneakers, Louboutin, Balenciaga, and most importantly their love for each other.

He introduced her to Instagram back in 2013. And he admits to spoiling Ginny,

I sponsor Isabel Marants, Instagram and everything she flaunts.

-Pusha T

Pusha T, also known as Terrence Thornton to friends and family is one half of the rap duo Clipse out of Virginia. He owns a store in Virginia, Creamand Play Cloths. He is president of G.O.O.D music which includes Kanye West, Big Sean and others his family.
When it comes to his personal life he pretty much keeps it private. Which is hard with his 2.4 million followers of Instagram and Snapchat. He uses social media to promote his music, lavish lifestyle which includes his love for Rolex and Richard Mille timepieces, Balenciaga and Louboutin sneakers and his Maltipoo CJ and Terrier Widdle (who have their own Instagram pages). Let’s not forget he has his own shoe with Adidas, EQT which sells out each time a new shoe is released.

Other interest of his would consist of attending Grand Prix and U.S. Open.

Collecting Porsche cars, Goyard and catching flights.

4/7, 365 Ginny stays on my mind.

– Pusha T

Congratulations are in order for the newly engaged couple. Soon to come are his newest album, King Push will be in stores soon. In the meantime check out his entire body of work on Tidal.

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Are you fascinated by their lives as we are? Considering their lavish lifestyles we can only imagine how amazing their wedding will be. Leave your thoughts below.